About us


In a rapidly-changing environment requiring adaptation, an ethical approach and appropriate qualifications, BAS Group France will give long-term support to your business. The business aviation environments are complex and we will tailor our advice to your particular needs.

Our easily-accessible and highly-responsive teams will always be on-hand to help plan your organisation’s future and consolidate its growth. Whatever your projects and needs, let our knowledge and expertise guide you

In order to adapt to changing markets and enable its customers to anticipate their strategic choices, BAS Group has developed consulting activities that meet specific needs and require specialist skills. The lasting relationships we develop permit us to give businesses long-term support. Our service is both flexible and responsive, allowing us to provide a range of skills linked to our clients’specialisms.

Our company will work with your business on a continuing basis. We will bring you advice tailored to your situation in terms of management, policies ,procediures ,profits .

Make good choices and use a team of specialists who are at your service on a daily basis!